Neurosurgeons Prof M. Samii, dr Tatagiba and his Dutch colleagues: years of silence after serious medical error

This is an Iranian curse meaning: Treacherous home sales! Spit on your feet!

This is the house of Prof. M. Samii, neurosurgeon Germany born 19 6 1937 in Iran. 
He will be 83 years old, June 19th 2020.
His address: Christian Flemesweg 8, Hannover, Germany.
January 8th 2001 Sophie Hankes (LLM) became fully bedridden, as a result of his experimental neurosurgery without consent 6 weeks earlier. Dr M. Tatagiba was his assistent.
Prof. M. Samii so far has chosen not to inform, not to give remedial medical care to Sophie. 
Only due to sheer perseverance Sophie found doctors in the USA and doctors in Belgium, who were willing to help her.
Dutch doctors refuse even to prescribe beta blockers and hypertension medication, although these are of vital medical importance according to their Belgium colleagues.
Dutch judges ignore facts and documents and support the refusal of medical care

Sophie has  become wheelchair bound and will never to be able to walk further than 10- 15 meters, due to perfusion problems in the brain, caused by a foreign body reaction after the experimental insertion of teflonfelt at her brainstem.

The foundation SIN-NL publishes websites to expose the doctors and judges who chose silence and chose to violate their duty of care:

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