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Verschrikkelijk om te lezen dat Alette op 18 sept. 2019  zal overlijden door euthanasie.
Alette Orie was een heel bijzondere vrouw. Zij heeft zich ingezet om de verschrikkelijke problemen van kunststofmatjes- mesh- die bij vrouwen in de buik aangebracht werden in de publiciteit te brengen. Zij werd zelf invalide door de hevige pijn veroorzaakt door een matje. Zij wilde voorkomen dat chirurgen deze matjes zouden gebruiken.
Moge zij rusten in vrede.
Some very tragic news out of the Netherlands , tomorrow will be a very sad day when Alette will be leaving us due to her mesh pain. Please remember to keep her in your thoughts and prayers ……………. Story is translated here;
Woman with pain due to plastic mat gets euthanasia
A woman with two plastic ‘mesh’ mats will get euthanasia this week. She suffers unbearable pain from the polypropylene mats, she says, and that will not improve anymore
52-year-old Alette Orie from Ermelo received a mesh mat left and right in her belly during a day shot in 2013. It hurt her and in 2015 they tried to remove the mats. That only partially succeeded; they were fused with her tissue. The health condition of the former entrepreneur was getting worse and eventually led to complete disability and psychological problems. She lives in a social home of a mental healthcare institution. Orie: ‘I can barely walk anymore, can’t sit, not even in a wheelchair. I lie all day. That is no longer a life. ” She mailed media, political parties and inspectorates in her quest for a total ban on the mats and to bring her case to the attention.
“Orie is the fifth patient I know who gets euthanasia based on the pain caused by mesh mats,” says Maria Smit, contact person of fellow sufferer group Meshed Up . Since 2009 she has kept a list of more than 1300 fellow sufferers who have reported to Meshed Up. ‘It is not a good idea to keep such a large file on your own, so I do not know how precise the numbers are. In any case, eighteen fellow sufferers have died in the meantime, but I am not always kept informed, which means that exactly. I think it’s sad that such a silly mat for something that wasn’t even life threatening could result in death. “
Frans van Passel, a former anaesthesiologist and pain reliever, was an advisor to the patient group for many years. He visits Orie regularly and sees her situation as “one of the saddest cases.” Her mats are made from inferior material that is glued but that also has an effect on the autoimmune system, says Van Passel. ‘In addition, she ended up in psychiatry, where she does not belong because she has somatic complaints. That is due to the mats that are stuck high in the abdominal wall. ‘
In the Netherlands according to the NVOGabout two hundred women with recurrent prolapse a vaginal mat every year. The Working Group Pelvic Floor of the Dutch Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology believes that a vaginal mat should remain a possible option for these women. This working group is reviewing the ‘Mesh position’ from 2010. Orie also has a different type of mat than the pelvic floor mat. According to Smit, not only the pelvic floor mats are the problem. ‘Nowadays more and more mats are placed through the abdomen. In addition, frequent bands are placed against urinary incontinence. Although these mats and straps give less complaints, according to the doctors, the complaints they give are just as bad as those caused by vaginal mats. With the number of two hundred, a wrong picture is sketched of the extent of the problem, “says Smit.
April 2019, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of surgical mesh material for vaginal recovery. The RIVM advised in January to register complications in an unambiguous way. Little is known about the duration and severity of the complaints, as well as the number of women in the Netherlands who have had a pelvic floor mat installed. The Healthcare Inspectorate advised gynecologists in 2013 to exercise restraint in the use of transvaginal mesh and to follow innovations well after their introduction.
Een vrouw met twee kunststof ‘mesh’-matten, krijgt deze week euthanasie. Ze lijdt ondragelijke pijn door de polypropyleen matten, vertelt ze,…